Water Aerobics In Ramona - Deep & Shallow Water Aerobics, Deep Water Interval
About Us:
My name is Kim Arras and I have been teaching water Aerobics and Arthritis Classes for 27 years. We workout to music and use different equipment like noodles, gloves, barbells and deep water belts.  This class is great for any fitness level!  We use the resistance of the water to sculpt and tone while traveling thru the water. All the equipment is provided and swimming skills are not required to participate.  You can make this class as easy or as hard as you would like!  It is a great cardio workout without the impact!
*I also teach private swim lessons and have references.  (at Your House)
Water Aerobics
*Class is offered to all of Ramona, you do not need to live in the Estates
$5.00 per class if  SDCEA Resident
$6 per Class if non SDCEA Resident
SDCEA Members /  Non SDCEA Members   
2x a week- $40 Member/ $45 Non-member 
3x a week- $52 Member/ $57 Non-member
4x a week- $65 Member/ $70 Non-member
Unlimited- $75 Member/ $80 Non-member  
You do NOT need to pre-register :)
Just show up to the pool 5min early
All Classes must be made up within the month if doing the monthly rate.
For More info Contact Kim Arras 760-533-1531
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