Stay cool in the pool

Come join us in the pool and get a great workout!  This class is for all fitness levels from the beginner to the seasoned athlete.  I have Deep Water Aerobics, Shallow Water Aerobics, Circuit and Swim, Sculpt and Tone.  We do all the classes to music and I supply all of the equipment needed.  Any one of these classes will help sculpt and tone your muscles and is a great cardio workout as well.  We have an amazing group of men and women from ages 27 to 85.  I give lots of modifications to fit all fitness needs.  If you think this class is just for an older age group then I challenge you to come try a class.  If you have had knee hip shoulder back surgery or haven't worked out in a while this class is great for you too!

We Have classes all year around!!

June Schedule


Monday thru Friday

7-8am and 8-9 am class   



7:15-8:15 pm Deep Water

All at Ramona Oaks Pool

Call Kim for any questions 1-760-533-1531


SDCEA Residents                      Non-residents

 Per Class   $7                              Per class $8      

   2x a week $43                             2x  a week $48   

    3x a week $55                             3x a week- $60