Water Aerobics In Ramona - Deep & Shallow Water Aerobics, Deep Water Interval

Starting June 9th

 *Must call in advance for childcare arrangements

 NEW this Summer- Babysitting available $3 per child, $5 for 2!!  
Come workout while your kids play :) 
To save your childcare spot for Summer please call and reserve a spot 
at 760-533-1531
Space is limited!

Summer Schedule 
begins Monday June 9th
At The Ramona Oaks Pool 
7-8 am-Shallow Interval
8-9 am-  Shallow Circuit
7:15-8:15 pm- Deep Water Aerobics
7-8 am- Deep Water
8-9 am- Walk Sculpt
7:15-8:15 pm- Deep Water Aerobics
7-8 am- Deep/Shallow Circuit
8-9 am- Shallow water Aerobics
7:15- 8:15 pm-Deep/Swim/Body Weight
7-8 am-Deep Water Interval
8-9 am- Walk Sculpt
7:15-8:15 pm- Deep Water Aerobics
7-8 am- Water Aerobics
8-9 am Shallow Water Interval

For class fees keep scrolling down
We do a great to music and use the resistance of the to sculpt and tone your body.  There is very little impact in the water.  If your goal is to meet some great people, , get in shape and tone your body.  Then this is for you!  All you need is a suit we have the equipment.
Class Descriptions:
Shallow Interval  or Deep Water Interval:
This class uses resistance gloves and ankle weights if desired.  We do various exercises to intervals to increase strength and to keep the metabolism going strong long after class.  Work it as hard as you want!
Deep Water Aerobics:
This is taught in the deep end of the pool using a flotation belt and gloves.  This is a great no impact workout that challenges the core and cardiovascular system.  we also use the shallow end to challenge the abs, legs and arms using the noodles and barbells.
Water Aerobics:
This water supported exercise class is taught in the shallow end of the pool using the resistance of the water to increase cardiovascular endurance, muscle tone and flexibility.  we use barbells gloves and noodles.

Shallow Circuit or Deep/Shallow Circuit-
This class will have different stations with various exercises that we will rotate thru  It will be a big mix with cardio and strengthening moves with 30 seconds to switch to the next station.

Deep /Swim/Body Weight
This class  will be in the water and out of the water using mats and body weight exercises.  Swimming skills prefered since there will be swimming involved, however you can use a belt if needed.
 *Class is offered to all of Ramona, you do not need to live in the Estates
$5.00 per class if  SDCEA Resident
$6 per Class if non SDCEA Resident
SDCEA Members /  Non SDCEA Members   
2x a week- $40 Member/ $45 Non-member 
3x a week- $52 Member/ $57 Non-member
4x a week- $65 Member/ $70 Non-member
Unlimited- $75 Member/ $80 Non-member  
You do NOT need to pre-register :)
Just show up to the pool 5min early

NEW!!!!  Starting June 9th
Want to increase your strength and muscle tone?  Or maybe get a stronger core, glutes, arms, abs and legs? This is a great class for the beginning student to the advanced.
We will have stations that change daily with different exercises
Abs, Glutes, Legs
Arms, Abs, Balance
Walking Class
$3 per class for walking
Walking, Core/Strength/Balance Classes for $50 per month
No more then 10 students per class
Contact Kim to reserve your spot 760-533-1531

**We do all the classes to music
**All equipment provided
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