SDCEA Residents                      Non-residents

 Per Class   $7                              Per class $8      

   2x a week $43                             2x  a week $48   

    3x a week $55                             3x a week- $60   


Stay warm in the heated pool

Come join us in the pool and get a great workout!  This class is for all fitness levels from the beginner to the seasoned athlete.   Shallow Water Aerobics and Swim Circuit.  Swim Circuit basically is taking the gym and putting it in the pool.  We do weights and balance then swim for cardio!   We do all the classes to music and I supply all of the equipment needed.  Any one of these classes will help sculpt and tone your muscles and is a great cardio workout as well.  We have an amazing group of men and women from ages 27 to 85.  I give lots of modifications to fit all fitness needs.  If you think this class is just for an older age group then I challenge you to come try a class.  If you have had knee hip shoulder back surgery or haven't worked out in a while this class is great for you too!

We Have classes all year around!!

Any Questions Call or Text Kim at 760-533-1531

January- April 2018


Monday Wednesday Friday

8:15-9:15am Shallow Water Aerobics


All at heated 83 degree pool SDCEA at the Golf course

All Ramona residents!!!!

Just come to class to attend no pre-registration required

 Call Kim for any questions 1-760-533-1531