Water Aerobics In Ramona - Deep & Shallow Water Aerobics, Deep Water Interval
All Year Around!
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We do a great to music and use the resistance of the to sculpt and tone your body.  There is very little impact in the water.  If your goal is to meet some great people, , get in shape and tone your body.  Then this is for you!  All you need is a suit we have the equipment.
Class Descriptions:
Deep  or Shallow Water Interval:
This class uses resistance gloves and ankle weights if desired.  We do jogging and other deep water moves to increase strength and to keep the metabolism going strong long after class.  Work it as hard as you want!
Deep Water Aerobics:This is taught in the deep end of the pool using a fotation belt and gloves.  This is a great no impact workout that challenges the core and cardiovascular system.  we also use the shallow end to challenge the abs, legs and arms using the noodles and barbells.
Water Aerobics:
This water supported exercise class is taught in the shallow end of the pool using the resistance of the water to increase cardiovascular endurance, muscle tone and flexibility.  we use barbells gloves and noodles.
For class  fees go to About us
At the clubhouse pool
8:15am- Shallow Water Interval
8:15- Deep Water
8:15am-Water Aerobics
8:15am -Deep Water Interval
8:15am- Water Aerobics
**We do all the classes to music
**All equipment provided
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